I was in year 6 when I created my first webpage in school. It was 2006. I was showing off my cousin this simple web page then, he asked me if he could access it via the internet. Note that at this point I did not know the use of…

liz hiers

I was creating unit tests when I came across a problem. I was trying to deepEqual an expected object to a value received from a function. I just could not understand why they did not equate, although they were exactly the same (at least I hoped it to be equal)…

GitHub repo : https://github.com/shishirkaji/nodejs-testing-sinon

Sunny, nice, relaxed public holiday Monday to write a blog about an API that gives us quotes depending upon the number we send to the API. This blog will explain how we can use Sinon library to mock functions to create unit tests. The article is…

shishir kaji shrestha

firm believer of "hard work always beats talent!""

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