AWS certification, is it worth it?

I was in year 6 when I created my first webpage in school. It was 2006. I was showing off my cousin this simple web page then, he asked me if he could access it via the internet. Note that at this point I did not know the use of the HTML webpage. I was coding them to pass exams, and nobody explained why we were doing it or its purpose. I did not have the answer to his question, so I renamed the HTML file to as advised by my cousin. He would then go to a cyber cafe to see if it was accessible.
I created my first AWS EC2 instance in 2018 during a finance tutorial and SSHed into it. I cloned my Nodejs express server and started it on port 5000. I was able to access the API via the internet. It took me 15 mins to set up the server that was accessible from any corner of the world that had access to the internet. I realized that it was a game-changer and this had the potential to revolutionize innovation or the rate of innovation. I realized that this tech had the power to make anything possible, literally anything. Only if I had known this technology in 2006 I would have proudly deployed my website and let my cousin access it via the internet. Since then my love for AWS has only grown.

Why did I decide to become certified?

What did I know before I started preparing for the certification?

What can we expect to learn from AWS dev associate certification?

  1. Computing
    a. EC2(In-depth)
    b. ECS
    c. Lambda(In-depth)
    d. Elastic Beanstalk
  2. Storage
    a. S3(In-depth)
    b. DynamoDB
    c. RDS
    d. Elastic cache
    e. EBS(In-depth)
    f. EFS
  3. Deployment
    a. Cloudformation
    b. Codedeploy
    c. Deployment techniques and concepts (Bluegreen, rolling, all at once, etc.)
  4. Security
    a. IAM
    b. KMS
    c. Secrets Manager
  5. Networking and Content delivery
    a. VPC
    b. API gateway
    c. Route53
    d. Cloudfront
  6. Event driving and streaming technology
    a. SNS/SQS
    b. Kinesis
  7. Monitoring
    a. XRay
    b. Cloudwatch

Adrian is artistic in his teaching and his teachings are invaluable. The course/certification will not make us experts but will give us insight into AWS services we can use to create a resilient, secure and scalable service. More than just AWS services, we can learn about common architectures and patterns.

Was getting certification worth it?

What materials can we use?

I agree that these are not free, unfortunately. However, the money we spend on these material is worth it because we can be more organized. From my previous experience, it is easy to get lost in all the material that is out there. It is like a rabbit hole and we can get distracted. The thing to note is that there are certain materials that we must avoid at any cost because of their poor content.

What is next?

firm believer of "hard work always beats talent!""